Collaboration with Research Institute

The research section of the risk assessment models will be undertaken by the Environmental Research Laboratory (EPER) of the “DIMOKRITOS”.

The EPER, and its associates, has gained considerable expertise in the successful prediction of dynamic sizes (e.g. weather forecast) Based on the study of nonlinear models of chaotic time series, as well as the development of methodologies based on Monte Carlo methods and extreme price theory. Also, the research potential of the ECSR has a significant presence in the field through publications in international journals and conferences.

The operation of the National Science Research Centre “Demokritos”-NCSR “D”-started in the late 50 as an independent public service under the name “DIMOKRITOS” Nuclear research Centre. In 1985 it took its current name and became self-governing NPPSS, under the supervision of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Development. The “DIMOKRITOS” CSR is located in Agia Paraskevi, Attica, in an area of 600,000 sqm with a building surface of 40.000 sq. m.

Dispatch of the Centre

The work that carried out in “DIMOKRITOS” is multifarious and focused on the promotion of science. Its main mission is located in:High level basic and applied research: ARISTEIA.
Creation of know-how, leading to the social and economic development of Greek society.
Provision of specialised high-tech services to private and public bodies with the aim of serving the citizen.
Training of young scientists, in advanced technologies and research fields.

Research activities

The Centre’s research orientation focuses on the following thematic areas:

Health, science and biotechnology, new materials, microelectronics and nanotechnology, environment-Energy and sustainable Development, informatics & Telecommunications, nuclear physics and elementary particle physics, nuclear technology and radiation protection, cultural Legacy, supported by inheritance-level postgraduate education as a horizontal action.

The proposed project will be carried out by the staff of the Environmental Research Laboratory (EPER) of the Institute of Nuclear Technology and radiation protection. The EPER has more than 20 years in research activity, and consists of highly skilled scientific personnel, making it one of the leading environmental research laboratories in the country with strong scientific links and collaborations. The general objective of EPIR is the production of scientific know-how and innovative tools for the research and provision of services in the thematic areas: risk assessment environment and energy.