Expected Results – Benefits

The TWIN NET, utilizing years of experience in the field of enterprise software has invested in recent years considerable effort in developing a business intelligence platform (Business Intelligence) called e-Gnosi.

All known business intelligence systems that circulate in the Greek and International market, focus more on interpretation and comparative evaluation of business financial data of a business unit. These data can be presented in the form of indices, tables, graphs, dash boards, time series etc. The provision, where there is an estimate based primarily on historical data (eg statistical methods based on techniques of time series analysis).

This presentation helps to get a better picture of a business unit to focus on the causes of potential problems and to accurately predict the future trends.

However, what really will help a business unit in the appropriate decisions for the medium-makroprosthesmes moves are timely and most accurate possible assessment of various risks (such as those presented above) which would come to successfully develop the business and economic policy. The difficulty of the task, so much that the concept of risk assessment is directly linked to uncertainty, and that these factors play a role in affecting the risk are many and varied by type of risk.

Since the proposed research effort resulted in exploitable results will contribute to significant improvement of the platform e-Gnosi the company, adding high value-added expertise in it. The acquisition of this expertise will ensure that one and we will be an important differentiating elements among all the competing systems existing today.

As will be seen, and the next paragraph, which will briefly analyze our appreciation for the market which could benefit from the expertise that will get the benefits for developing TWIN NET, are expected to be high. The fact that new technology can meet the needs of business units of all kinds (manufacturing, trade, services) and size (small, medium, large), both in Greece and abroad, and given the absence of these solutions from the current Greek competing products but also the most international, creates high expectations for the expected benefits of the business.

As very emphatically demonstrates the global economic crisis that we are still, companies that were unprepared and unsuspecting in the midst of the crisis was and is more vulnerable to the consequences. But in periods of growth (and non-crisis) apparently healthy and growing companies can be ridden and driven to bankruptcy because they do not properly assess risks to their survival (eg, negative cash flow due to high credit risk).

Although apparently, the profitability of a business unit is considered by many to be the most important indicator of prosperity, in fact it does stand a successful business from one problem is its positive cash flow. And they come as a result, a successful policy that will properly manage the financial risks encountered or will encounter the business unit during her life.

Therefore, tools and methods such as those that aspire to develop the proposed research, which could provide early and as valid as possible potential future financial risks to a company, would offer invaluable assistance in the administration for the successful execution of its business plan and long-term prosperity. Consequently, it would leverage the benefits of national and social levels, from the time when the national prosperity of each business unit will be translated into innovation, growth, international competitiveness and increased employment for the entire economy.